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FOX News
Aug 24, 2011 6:00am EDT
for that report. we appreciate it. steve? >> thanks, juliet. almost 48 years ago, martin luther king jr. shared his dream with the world from washington. >> i have a dream that one day this nation will rise up, live out the true meaning of its creed. >> those words that are etched in the fabric of our nation's history will now be etched in stone. the martin luther king jr. memorial will be dedicated officially in washington, d.c. this sunday on the 48th anniversary of the "i have a dream" speech. joining us is the director of african-american outreach for priests for life and niece of dr. martin luther king jr., alvita king. good morning to you. >> hi, steve. >> great to have you, dr. king. this is not only a great day when they dedicate this for your family but great day for america. >> and actually, i'll be there with my mother and my aunt christine and my mother naomi and dexter and martin and bernice. it was just a wonderful time. >> and i mentioned a moment ago that there are going to be apparently over a dozen inspirational quotes on the walls there of what your uncle said. and this is im
FOX News
Aug 30, 2011 3:00am PDT
chance, perhaps? the white house will answer that question. and more. "fox and friends" starts, steve, do you have the time? >> it starts right now! >> who needs the stinking digital clock? i got a wrist watch right here. it's time to start! >> get your sundial out. >> i feel like -- exactly like the pilgrims when they came over in the nina, pinta and the santa maria because we don't have electricity. back to the old days. i'm making my own butter. >> you're still without electricity. >> this morning, i did this. i traveled with this little thing all the time. shaving. >> i go to bed with a minors cap and i hit a button and i just start shaving. >> you guys around alone. there are millions of people without electricity. >> we feel for you, folks, although you're not watching us right now unless you're lucky enough to have a general rarlt. >> if nothing matches, don't blame us. we're getting dressed literally in the dark. >> let me take a look. >> that shirt is lavender. >> not many people have color tv. >> meanwhile, we'll give you the follow-up on irene. we want to get right to your
FOX News
Aug 30, 2011 6:00am EDT
across the 11 states have been killed. nearly five million people, plus steve and brian, are without power. and flyers finally get up in the air and to their destinations this morning. even though the major airports have reopened, travelers experienced 1600 flight cancellations yesterday. airlines warning it could take several days before the one million stranded passengers by irene get to where they need to go. dominique strauss-khan applauded as he returns to the headquarters of the international monetary fund in washington. he went back to his old office with his wife five days after he was cleared of sexual assault charges. strauss-khan apologized to the entire imf staff. not sure for what. he's expected to move back to france later this week. a great american story. a little league team gets a welcome home that they will never forget. >> the 2011 little league champions! >> family, friends and fans in huntington beach, california, went wild for the boys' big win. they defeated japan 2-1 in the little league world series and the city plans to honor them next weekend with an off
FOX News
Aug 8, 2011 3:00am PDT
a minimum, steve. >> absolutely. nikkei index finished down something like 2%. right now, i was looking at the european stock market and, you know, it's pretty much down one, two, almost 3%. and the dow right now is down, what, 238 points right now as we speak. so it's really moving lower. >> that's not good for us. for more reaction, let's go to fox news reporter jennifer davis joining us live from our d.c. bureau. good morning to you. >> good morning, guys. all eyes on the global markets today to see how they react to news of this s&p downgrade. u.s. stock futures have tumbled. asian markets down. what's going to happen on wall street? that's the million dollar question today. the news from s&p came after those markets had closed on friday. downgrade going from triple a status down one notch to double a plus. s&p says this is a reflection not only of the political gridlock in washington and fact that the ratings agency doubts whether or not lawmakers can come together to work this problem out but also about the fact that they say that debt ceiling deal last week didn't cut enough. s&p
FOX News
Aug 11, 2011 3:00am PDT
newschannel debate in ames, iowa, ahead of the straw poll that's going to happen this weekend. steve brown is on the campus of iowa state university, bright and early this morning, you're on central time, steve. welcome and good morning. >> we are. >> good morning and go cyclones! good morning, gretchen, steve, peter, you need an actual a full inhale before you say the name of tonight's debate is the fox news washington examiner republican party of iowa republican candidates debate. and that takes a full breath but if you're going to take a look at the combatants in this particular debate, let's talk about first the arguably the candidate that has been most in the move in the polls and that would be michelle bachmann. you could argue that based on her performances in the two nationally televised debates so far, that has helped propel michelle bachmann up into the top tier of the presidential candidates for the g.o.p. now, it is interesting in that we've got to debate and then we've got an actual measurable event coming up on saturday which is the straw poll and the chairman of the state p
FOX News
Aug 5, 2011 3:00am PDT
the barbecue, people come running. it was hard enough to keep steve and i away from it this morning. you have the sweet pulled pork, all of that. >> people are sitting out at picnic tables at 6:00 a.m. stop on by if you're heading to work today. 8:00 hour, we'll have the special performance live right here on "fox & friends." one of our friends today dropping by to fill in for the vacationing brian kilmeade. good morning to you. >> thank you for having me. >> good to see you from the weekend show. let's do a couple of headlines because the fear that gripped wall street traders are spreading around the world. this morning, we're seeing strong selloffs in markets in asia and europe. >> will we have a repeat today of what happened on wall street? joining us right now is dennis neil on the streets of new york city. dennis, how does it look? >> you know what? the do or die time now. we were down 4%, 5% in u.s. stocks. europe is trading down maybe 2%. will we actually see a turn back to the positive or will investors say no, you know what? it's even worse than i thought yesterday. this jobs numbe
FOX News
Aug 10, 2011 3:00pm PDT
. tonight, correspondent steve brown looks at what has changed for president since then. and what has not. >> iowa launched barack obama. he won the democratic caucuse caucuses, breezed to take the state in the general election. >> obama for america. >> looking ahead to 2012. >> at the end of the day, the field organization wins these things. it always is. it always has been. it always will be. >> the ace up the president's sleeve in iowa is organization. the huge crowds of three years ago were the result of a large and deep operation, much of which still exist. plus. >> we still got the 35,000 vote edge over the republicans. >> but that's down substantially from the 110,000 register voter edge democrats had in 2008. >> that is putting a chill down the side of david axelrod and the gang in chicago. iowa is competitive territory. >> on the marquee campaign issue of jobs, iowa unemployment is 6%, lower than the national average of 9.1%. the state lost over 21,000 manufacturerring job since the 2008 election. that economic unease was a factor in the 2010 gubernatorial race. >> i defeated inc
FOX News
Aug 12, 2011 3:00pm PDT
out for the good sound bite. conspondant steve brown as the blow by bloww. [applause] >>reporter: less than two days before the iowa straw poll bachmann and pawlenty went at it. >> it is an unkiss putable fact in congress her record of accomplishments and results are nonexistent. >> when you were governor in minnesota you implemented cap and trade. >> she fought for less government spen we got more. led the effort against obama care and we got it. led the effort against tarp. >> i gave them a run for the money. cap and trade, i was there giving speaker pelosi a run for her money. >> those were far from the debate fireworks. gingrich bristled if his campaign was a mess. >> i would love to see the rest of tonight's debate asking us what what to do about america about a president who failed to lead instead of mickey mouse gangs. >> he got buzz including blogers most of which called gingrich a winner and helped himself. but the sentiment was not unanimous . one said he shot himself in the foot . pros sanction candidate got into it with ron paul. >> iran is a counselry that is at war with u
FOX News
Aug 13, 2011 1:00am PDT
, and interesting, you guys think it was interesting. okay. i have a crowd here. let's bring in our panel. steve hayes . karen. national political correspondant for the washington post and jeff with the new york times. they are all up the road in ames and we are here in the iowitate fair. teave, first to you. thoughts about the debate and how it affects the brand picture and this race? >> i thought it was a good debate and lots of interesting exchanges and revealed what the candidate hope to do with the debate going into the straw poll. tim pawlenty takog michelle bachmann and she returned fire. rick sanatorium expressing himself . newt gingrich to arise from the slumber that he's been in . i think you have a bunch of candidates doing a lott of things and giving an energiic push going into the traw poll. what you didn't have is much much a vision. there was not a big moment for any of the candidates where voters sitting at home would say yes, that is my guy or woman. this is why i am a conservative or a republican. nothing that expressed a broader vision of republican governorinance in the way r
Aug 21, 2011 10:00am PDT
months ago when i really decided i do want to get married. >> how about you, steve, what's your excuse? >> well, beyond the obvious or -- >> steve archibald is 28, has a master's in accounting. >> there's definitely a lot of pressure to get married, but at the same time there's not pressure to rush into any kind of decision. we can all say that we're looking. we're doing our best to try and find the potential "10" out there. >> one high church leader suggested that in looking for a mate, young mormons like steve should stop reaching for a "10." >> it's my job as bishop is to bring a little reality on this, that what they thought they were going to marry probably never did exist. you know, people have faults. some might be a little overweight, some might be losing their hair, and that doesn't mean that they are not a fantastic person. >> this is an annual social event in washington for single mormons aged 31-55. washington may not be the hub of the church, but there are between 50,000 and 70,000 members living in the area, the largest concentration east of the mississippi. for women in
Aug 3, 2011 6:00am EDT
buchanan in washington. joining the table right now, though, finacier, steve. >> we've been hearing a lot over the past couple of days, a lot of democratic senators, commentators, some op-ed people telling us so much in slashing spending children will be kicked out of schools, parents will have to be feeding their children pine cones and wild berries. you got a chart. this is serious. it's unbelievable. they cut so much. i guess all of our long term debt problems are taken care of. >> well you guessed wrong. let's take a look at what actually happened. so they did cut or were going to cut $2.1 trillion often years, back loaded and so on. this is a chart we looked at a couple of weeks ago. if you remember back in 2000 we had a surplus because tax revenues were 20.5% roughly. spending took off. you can see in the middle of that chart. spending at 28.1%. if we had done nothing -- >> for people at home the red line is the spending. the blue line is the revenues and they are going in the wrong direction. >> they are going in the wrong direction. let's look at the two top red lines. two top re
Aug 9, 2011 5:30am EDT
at the markets as we get all up in your business this morning. we turn to cnbc's steve sedgewick, live in london for us. what's the latest on the markets? >> the latest is at one point, the open of the european indices, we thought we were going to have a much better day. they went into positive territory. now let me gif you a list of the biggest markets in europe and how they're performing. london is down the best part of 3%. the german market, which obviously represents the biggest economies in europe, one that's doing really well, was down 5% yesterday, is down 4.3% today so far. looking at the futures for the dow, the dow which closed down 5.5% in the 634 points yesterday, the dow is down again at start of trading, at the morning, .6 of 1% lower. it was down triple digits at one point. improving from the lower levels. >> so much of what's happening on wall street in the united states is tied to what's going on in europe. someone put it to me this way, that the countries are like our banks in 2008. in need of bailouts. is there even a european mechanism that could pull off something like that
Aug 8, 2011 6:00am EDT
, mark halprin and economic analyst steve rat ner. thank you for changing your plans. in washington, pat bu can nan is joining us. willie is on his way in. so much to talk about. >> saturday morning, when we talked about this later at my daughter's birthday party. both of us looked at the horrifying news of saturday morning coming out of afghanistan. coupled with the sp downgrade. as a young girl, back in 1979 when so many things were hitting at one time. it was, i really can't think of another time in my lifetime where i woke up and saw a couple things hitting like that and i don't want to say questioned america's place in the world but certainly thought we lost our way. >> a bleak feeling. we are going to talk about the unspeakable loss in afghanistan coming up and why, when and when it will become a central part of the political conversation when we talk about campaigns. when it will be front and center of the issue. i don't know when but i'm hoping soon. >> you, let's talk for a second about 1979. if you said, when you read the papers that morning that you had this -- it almost took
Aug 18, 2011 6:00am EDT
today. thank you for waking up with fox 5 morning news. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. let's say good morning to tony perkins. news of a warm day out there. very summery day. >> it is august and it will feel like it it wells in the upper 80s to around -- will feel like it with temperatures in the upper volunteer to around 90. i want to tell you about some rain shower that we've seen in northeastern portions of maryland. we'll keep our eyes open because this could change through the morning and through the day. some of this has been heavy rain up around the aberdeen area and pushing into pennsylvania, philadelphia getting some rainfall and maybe even some lightning up there too. currently, it is 74 degrees at reagan national airport. the humidity is at 73 entrepreneur. the winds are -- the huge is at 73%. the winds are out of the south at nine miles per hour. we cannot rule out some thunderstorms and showers popping up here and there through the day. there are your temperatures. we'll have more on all of that coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you. >>> let's check in
Aug 5, 2011 1:00pm EDT
be unconstitutional. joining me now to talk about this on today's stream team, from connecticut, steve perry, cnn education reporter and principal of the capital preparatory school, from new york, pete dominick, host of stand up on sirius xm and from new jersey, paul callen, cnn legal contributor and criminal defense attorney. as a principal, steve, let me start with you, what do you think about this law? >> i think it is a law that just takes up a lot of time but doesn't necessarily do anything to positively impact wait education occurs. technology is a significant reason why education will improve and we need to embrace it and find the ways to do so. >> pete, what do you think? >> well, first of all this law comes from the same state senator who a few weeks back wanted to roll back child labor flaws their state but it's good see the state senators there are really focus old jobs. listen, this is definitely a first amendment issue and what it doesn't outlaw is talking to students privately, writing them note, calling them on the phone, text messaging, i think steve perry can tell you this is the
FOX News
Aug 5, 2011 1:00am PDT
emily is the latest disaster making it difficult for people in haiti. steve harrigan is live in port-au-prince. good evening. >> reporter: the first rain is falling in the capital of port port that could prove to be -- port-au-prince that could prove to be a long night for haitian. 600,000 still live in the tents. emily has been downgraded from tropical storm to tropical wave, the danger here and reason the government put its people on red alert the rain. there could be anywhere from 12 to 20 inches of torrential rain. in the best case scenario, that could prove to be a nightmare. but it could produce flash floods. the rains killed 28 people in june. heavy rains could kill a lot more. government preparation, it's been perfunctory. we have seen tape put up and men going around with loud speakers talking about evacuation. for many people, there is no place to go. the newly elected president has had zero appearance. he's a former pop star. on the recent outing he was pelted by people with soda bottles and rocks no strong help from the government in the time of crisis for people of haiti
Aug 12, 2011 5:00am EDT
of the leaderboard. steve stricker had a great day. he equaled the course record, the major record for the lowest round in history, 63 was hips round, and he's the world number five, but actually the top four in the leaderboard at the american, steve stricker leading the way at the moment. he's got a two-shot lead and really an excellent birthday, so he'll be looking to carry on with that. but rory mcilroy, who won the u.s. open, he has also a very mixed round, was playing quite well, but he's actually the pretournament favorite, but the shot you'll see coming up here, he tries to hit this from behind what is a tree root, really injures his wrist. you can see him shaking the wrist there, really bad injury, had a difficult round after that. he's 22, so he'll go for that shot and maybe shouldn't have done, he's going to have a scan on his wrist this morning, and he won't know definitely if he can carry on, so we're waiting to hear on that. >> what a disappointing turn for him. kathy, thanks very much. you're watching "bbc world news." still to come -- could texas provide another u.s. president? mig
FOX News
Aug 8, 2011 6:00am PDT
>> steve: go show today. our thanks to eric bolling from fox business for joining us. >> gretchen: log on for our after the show show and we'll see you all tomorrow. hope for a good day out there. bill: all right, here we go, and buckle up! what happens to your retirement, now four -- your 401(k), wall street opening for the first time in 30 minutes since the u.s. was given its first downgrade in history, that could mean a frantic selloff when the opening bell goes at 9:30. good morning, everybody, hope you had a fantastic weekend, i'm bill hemmer, welcome back to "america's newsroom". >> great to see you bill. bill: great to see you. as we await -- sweltso seat belts on. alisyn: i'm alisyn camarota for in martha maccallum, stocks making a -- taking a beating in europe and asia as one of the guys who made the call for the downgrade tells fox what the united states needs to do to get its gold plated rating back . >> east coast i'm, where are we now, stu? >> got three headlines about your money, number one, the market opens in 30 minutes, it will open sharply lower. at this moment w
Aug 18, 2011 7:00am EDT
's humid once again. thanks for being with us, i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour. we take good morning to tony perkins. >> warmer and more muggy. hi, allison. good morning, steve. good morning, everybody. muggy conditions not just this morning but today. the difference today besides the increasing humidity, a chance of showers and thunderstorms. let's start with sentinel radar. not much happening in washington. we have been watching heavy rain in northeast maryland. heavy rain, lightning as well. around here nothing but out to the west, fort royal, we have seen that batch of rain and it looks like there is a little spot of heavy rain embedded in that system north of front royal. we will keep our eyes on that. temperatures across the region, 70s. 74 in washington. 71 dulles. 71 baltimore. frederick, maryland is at 70 degrees. fredricksburg is at 68 degrees. the forecast for today, warm, humid, highs in the upper 8 toughs around 90 -- upper 80s to around 80 degrees. that's a look at weather. more in a bit. right now a check on traffic with lauren demark could. >> things are looki
Aug 18, 2011 11:00am EDT
are having a ball this summer with our workout. steve hayes with here with a great lower body workout using an exercise ball. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> nice to see you. first of all, start us off by introducing your workout partner here. >> lauren, introduce yourself please. >> my name is lauren and i'm a sports radio reporter in town. >> terrific. now, last week you talked about the upper body. this week you'll show us how to use exercise balls for your lower body. >> exactly. as a matter of fact, we'll start off showing you how to do a ball against the ball when you're working your quads and hamstrings. now, what you want to do is that as laura is squatting down, now, this ball will be on your back. it's right between the lower back and it's pushing against the wall. that takes the pressure off the lower back and is very user friendly and incredibly effective. >> so you can just push the ball up against any wall for support on your back and do the squats. and this doesn't effect the effectiveness of the exercise on your legs? >> not at all, you're still using quads
Aug 20, 2011 12:30am PDT
by psychologists, priests, and investigators. steve rosenberg reports. >> it has been nearly one month since anders breivik killed their loved ones. they are now allowed to visit the area where the massacre took place. over the next two days, hundreds of family members of victors and some survivors will come here to the holiday island that became a killing ground. there are teams of psychologists and counselors to offer support. authorities hope these visits will bring some degree of peace. >> it is difficult for the relatives. nevertheless, they want to do this. >> they need to know. very often, they ask for details. this is where they can learn more about the details as well. >> in oslo, the killer was back in court today. at a closed hearing, the judge ruled that breivik should continue to be kept in total isolation for four more weeks. he has admitted carrying out the killing spree in detonating a bomb in the center of oslo. he has denied criminal responsibility. >> i was hoping he would admit it. is a very difficult situation. he was only speaking and thinking of himself. >> earlier this week,
Aug 12, 2011 4:30am EDT
-year-old steve stricker has the lead after some great approach shots and even better putts. he tied a tournament record with a 63, 7 strokes under par. tiger woods had his worst ever round in the tournament. he finished with a 77, 7 over par. if he doesn't make the cut today, he will not be eligible for a pga event for six weeks. >>> when we return another look at this morning's top stories. >>> and the dougherty gang gets their day in court. one of many the three siblings could face in three different states. by unleashing a complete killing force against fleas and ticks. and not just adult fleas. what makes frontline plus complete is that it breaks the flea life cycle killing adults, eggs and larvae. and it keeps killing fleas and ticks all month long. that's why it's the #1 choice of vets for their pets, and yours. unleash a complete killing force in every dose of frontline plus. summertime is now a happy time. when we can eat what we want and sleep soundly through the night. prevacid®24hr prevents the acid that causes frequent heartburn, all day, all night. >>> on the "cbs morn
Aug 16, 2011 7:00am EDT
on german taxpayers, who have been reluctant to prop up other european countries in trouble. steve, over to you. >> a big manufacturing city, a big city of the arts, and the old stock exchange behind me founded in 1678. in this square, there's all kinds of bits of the german life. there's a manufacturing show room over there. they have been producing pianos here for centuries. i have the current head of the firm here. why is germany, even with these figures, still performing better than other countries? >> a lot of companies are not accepting any compromise. that makes them sticking out a little bit from the crowds and performing better than others. >> with these figures of virtually no growth in the second three months of the year, what is going on? what has suddenly hit the buffers. >> i think it's too early to call. it is normal that it be slowing down a little bit when people are on vacation. i know from ourselves and other companies -- we're still running on 100% capacity and actually having trouble to supply. >> people outside germany wonder why germans are not that keen on bailing
Aug 11, 2011 7:00am EDT
morning i am steve. >> i am tony perkens in for alison it is pleasant out there. >> it is nice. tuck. >> gorgeous nice start to the day low humidity later today high temperatures only in the 80s. yeah, only in the 80s for the future. good looking forecast looking forward into the weekend. let's take a look at current numbers, 73 currently regan national check out the 60s to your north and west, 51 frederick, 63 winchester, a little warmer across the bay, currently 75 degrees at the naval air station. >>> sentinel satellite you can see cloud cover slipping south and east and waking up in southern maryland. you will get a few more clouds than the rest of us but with high pressure building from the north and west and breezes out of the north it will be a spectacular day quiet conditions out to the west. here is your forecast and it is a good one your day planner calling for lots of sunshine high temperatures mid-to upper 80s later this afternoon and we will be dry again mostly sunny day. >> okay more details look at the weekend coming up in a couple minutes, traffic and julie. >>> all r
Aug 19, 2011 5:00pm PDT
and larger display. according to the new york times the biography of steve jobs is a big leap from its previous march 2012 release. 40 different interviews of steve jobs. although publishers are showing in early release date it was just released and finished earlier. the early release could be the appleseed zero declining health. apple-ceo thoma---this microchip is imitating the human brain to react, reason, and even learn from its experiences. >>jacqueline: coming up the kron 4 e-mail with sportster gary radnich. the preview coming up. >> practice tomorrow before a live audience the 49ers. candlestick park. alex smith, that is going to be the story. alex smith. newly acquired players and joe staley. it is difficult for these guys to come up with something one that is just a practice game. try it out. >> it is going to be a very interesting game. >> a lot of players are passionate about planning on home turf it would be great to get a home victory. >> you can tell joe that he sounds fired up! blog what is bad about the exhibition that will play one quarter and then pull them out. as we
Aug 11, 2011 6:00am EDT
'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. tucker barnes has our forecast. >> let's get to the numbers and reagan national, 74. any time you see that, this is a good thing in august. it is a combination of lots of sunshine and low humidity today and cooler temperatures. even though we got into the 90s yesterday, i thought it felt pretty good during the afternoon as the humidity wasn't too bad. you can see before a few clouds strolling through roughly washington, south and east. so southern maryland, lower eastern shore, you will have clouds here for a few hours. as high pressure build in from ohio and indiana, it will be just a brilliant looking sunshine for much of the day with just a few clouds out there. sunshine, comfortable temperatures, 86 your daytime high with winds out of the north at about five to 10 miles per hour. more details and a look at the weekend in just a minute. >> thank you. let's say good morning to julie wright now. >> let's start off by monitoring metro this morning. this is where we have some problems. if you are typically using the dupont circle station, heads
Aug 18, 2011 5:00am EDT
bridge. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's say good morning to tony perkins with our forecast. >> it is definitely more humid this morning than it was yesterday morning. today, generally speaking going to be a more uncomfortable day than we had yesterday. good morning, everybody. let's start by take look at the satellite-radar composite for the region. we can show you we've got some clouds out there this morning. also, up to the north and east, some pretty good thunderstorm activity. that is really in extreme northeastern maryland into pennsylvania. not so much right around here but we certainly do have some clouds and, as i said, our conditions are more humid. temperatures around the region in the 70s. right now at 75-degree in the district. 72 in baltimore. 72 at dulles airport. fredericksburg, you are at 70 degrees. ocean city, maryland is at 73 degrees. today will be warm, humid with a chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms here and there. not a rainout all day. look if a high in the upper 80s to near 90 degree detail on tha forecas
Aug 7, 2011 7:00am EDT
? caller: i have to agree with you steve and both democrats and republicans are to blame but particular peeved at republicans who are now coming out and claiming they're true conservatives and concerned about the deficit and they kept on saying debt doesn't matter and this was proved and on the business. they pursued policy where they spent and gave us this brutal accounting where we were of the impression that the depressions but five hundred billion. this one came understanding that the deficit is actually a little over or well over a trillion dollars. and you can't trust politicians. they are in the business of spending it's so embarrass together listen to them from day to day. i wasn't born in america i came from jamaica and i know what this is now taking hold of jamaica from the united states america in terms of the income disparity and what it's going to do to the country and we see that trying to divide the country. it's unfair. if you earn 8% of the wealth in the country you should pay 8% of the taxes it's ridiculous people that earn 20% of the wealth in the country are paying g
Aug 11, 2011 7:00am PDT
is steve forbes, chairman and executive editor of forbes media and also a presidential candidate. we heard from art he doesn't think this is 2008 over again. what do you think? >> it's not 2008 but a short-term series crisis. a concern about the value of the drar. fed made it clear they will knock the dollar down again and concern that the europeans are not dealing with their sovereign debt crises, not to mention their banks. 20 years ago we had a severe crisis with latin american debt which could have brought our system down. dealt with each country and how do you turn this thing around and restructure their debt and put in policies that got these countries growing again. the europeans are not doing it and people fear the drift. >> people remember the 2008 crisis. that one was about debt as well. another thing art mentioned is the markets were spooked yesterday and you mentioned this as well by the fear that the european bank could go the same way as a bear stearns or a lehman brothers did here in the united states. do you think that will happen? >> i think short term the european bank wi
Aug 4, 2011 7:00am PDT
is happening, steve massocca with wedbush securities is joining us. hello, steve. >> hello. if we spoke to about two hours ago. her the dow's offer over three of the points. any insight? >> previous sellouts were driven by poor economic data. now i think this is being driven by a couple of things. first of all, concerns about debt levels in >> i am watching insurance policies that investors can take out on government debt. i'm looking in places like hall italy, greece, spain and belgium. they are all showing big increases in the cost of that couple that with the japanese yen been weekend, this was dollar been weakened, all of that is giving uncertainty as to what is going on in the world. the market do not like uncertainty. that is why we are seeing significant declines. >> we had solid gains for retail sales and some positive factors with gm reporting a big quarterly profit. the market is largely ignoring the positive news. >> exactly. that indeed was positive news. people have been concerned about the economy. there has been a lot of negative information coming out earlier in the week
Aug 20, 2011 11:00am PDT
francisco school. cnn educator -- education contributor steve perry takes us inside in this week's perry's principles. 8 26 national is a program with chapters across the country. we're with 826 valencia. kids get tutoring, attend creative writing workshops and watch their own books get published. >> what you doing there? >> there you go. >> it is housed in a pirates supply store. they're writing a story for a grumpy pirate named mr. blue. >> we promised them they could write a story. can we try? >> it better be a good story, exciting and suspenseful. >> they host field trips and they have a special focus on working with students with parents who don't speak english at home. today, they're all about creative writing. >> crocodile mixed with the rhino. >> and you are helping kids in this community use writing to do what? >> it all begins with writing. and so you have to build from that sort of basis. so the students that we work with, if their writing is great, it follows that everything else they would do from english to math to science. >> how much are they paying for this? >> it is all
Aug 8, 2011 7:00am PDT
are sinking heart is fast. it is ugly. >> steve massocca from wedbush securities is joining us. >> good morning. >> s&p. stocks are taking. look at the yield on the 2, 5 and 10 year notes. they are sinking and mark >> sell-off has been driven by activity in asia in the year -- asia and europe. at one point the dow futures were down close to 300 points. they're now down 178. if you look to the issues in front of the market, the things that are disturbing the market did not appear to be around today. court treasury yield are significantl arey lore. the italian and spanish debt, pa her it looks like a european central-bank which is the equivalent of the fence in europe's horse stepped up to defend both of those bonds. their yields are dowels--it seems to be panic for panics stake. upoake. >> steve, i know you did not give advice, but i wonder, " where a lot of people are in a panic. there were read for this morning. asked our people thinking, do i have to sell? why would they do that >> to the stock market is a market of many different stocks. the market in general appears to be slightly u
Aug 3, 2011 5:30pm PDT
system is well equipped to handle this trial. you know, steve warned that if this devolves into revolutionary justice where there is a departure from dew due process t obviously this would be a stain on egypt's reputation, but i think what people in egypt may be afraid of is precisely the opposite, that the courts will get mired in due process and actually won't hold mubarak sufficiently accountable, either because of their kind of internal processes or because they've been directed by the military to not punish mubarak. so that i think is what people are worried about is they're worried that the court system may not punish mubarak as fully as people believe he needs to be punished. so the is this very delicate balancing act that has to happen. >> precisely what i mean by revolutionary justice and a desire for revenge, which you can understanding. this is why perhaps this trial in this way is not the best way of going about it. perhaps a truth in reconciliation commission, along the lines of what happened in south africa many years ago, may have been a better way to go. >>
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